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About The Beginning Project 

The Beginning Project started off as an idea in 2020 as a result of lack of face to face person support and guidance in young people had to find opportunities. Many of us graduate high-school not knowing what we will do with our lives – and with the pandemic, it has made it even harder for young adults to navigate the new challenges of the world.


So The Beginning Project was created to share many resources such as:

  • Opportunities incl. volunteer positions and internships

  • Programs to build upon key essential soft and hard skills

  • Work opportunities

  • Future scholarships

  • Local services and programs

  • Media campaigns

We hope by sharing and creating these resources that this will empower and help you build the life you aspire to achieve.


Our Vision

Here at The Beginning Project we aim to bridge the gap for disadvantaged Melbourne youth to access opportunities and resources to achieve their ambitions and future life goals. Our aim is to enlighten youth about the many opportunities and paths they can undertake in a supportive and uplifting environment.


We hope The Beginning Project website and blog helps you in many aspects in life such as organizing and goal-setting for the future or steers you in the right direction to beginning the next chapter in your life!


We are always happy to hear any suggestions or questions regarding our website. Feel free to hit us a line in the Contact Us section and we will be quick to answer your inquiry as soon as possible. Feel free to also contact us on our social media platforms.


Happy Scrolling!


The Beginning Project Team 

Our Purpose Report

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